Festool Crown Stop AB-KS 120

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For KS 120


  • crown molding stop with table widener

Expanding the versatility of the KAPEX sliding compound miter saw, the Crown Stop with Base Extension supports nested workpieces at any angle, and provides enhanced material support to the left or right of the saw. Integrated t-slots enable additional clamping capability, expanding the use of job-specific jigs when used with Festool FS clamps. Includes 1 base extension and 1 crown stop.

  • Secures crown molding in the nested postion for safer, more accurate cutting
  • Crown stops slide easily and lock securely with T-nut construction, allowing you to move quickly between setups
  • Base extensions attach quickly via a V groove channel on each side, minimizing set up time
  • Stop for positioning crown moldings at an angle
  • Also used for securing the table extension KA-KS
  • Only compatible with KA-KS