NEW Festool Drywall Sander LHS 2-M 225 EQ

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New Product: Coming March 2024


  • LHS 2-M 225-BAG carrying bag
  • Hook-and-loop fastener
  • SC-LHS 2 225 hose clip
  • sanding pad dia. 220 mm incl. interface pad
  • interface pad including eight plastic screws
  • StickFix abrasive wheel dia. 225 mm STF D225/128 P180
  • plug it-power cable (4 m)


The PLANEX M offers a basic easy-to-use interface with a refined sanding pattern utilizing
a random orbit motion. Simply unpack the sander from the carry bag, turn it on and get
to work. The random orbit sanding motion achieves a high surface quality on walls and
ceilings. The adjustable suction power means that you can sand on walls and ceilings with
less fatigue – helping to reduce the strain on your arms and back. Its working length of
55" (1.4 meters) is ideal for all standard room heights. And with the ergonomic T-handle,
the machine is highly controllable and comfortable while also being able to reach the
most commonly needed surface heights.