Festool Dual suction pad GECKO DOSH-Set

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for FS/2, FS/2 KP

Items included

  • adapter AD-DOSH-FS
  • dual suction pad GECKO DOSH


Secure connection for a long time.

The GECKO DOSH is a classic dual suction pad and is used to bear workpieces with closed-pore surfaces, such as glass panels. The special feature of the GECKO is, however, that it holds the guide rail in place in conjunction with the DOSH-FSAD adapter. Particularly where it is not possible to position fastening clamps; for example, in the middle of large panels or on a tiled floor.

  • Ergonomic – the torsionally rigid handle makes it much easier to lift heavy loads
  • Retains the position, preserves the material – special sliding rings mounted on both suction cups allow you to position the GECKO precisely and release it just as easily
  • Secure hold – the green clamping levers provide quick and reliable suction. For a loading capacity of 50 kg
  • Designed for a system – the GECKO can be mounted directly to the guide rail using the guide rail adapter
  • for carrying components or to fix the guide rail
  • for planer surfaces


Main applications

  • Panel cuts
  • Production of recesses in large panels
  • Cutting of large-format tiles
  • Tile repairs
  • Bearing of panels and glass panels