NEW Festool Longlife Filter Bag LL-FIS-CT25

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for CT 25 E

Includes: 1 Longlife Filter Bag

Robust. Durable. Reusable.

The long-life filter bag is robust, durable and reusable. Thanks to the robust polyester cloth material, the long-life filter bag can always be reused. Vacuum, open the sealing slide, empty the filter bag, close the sealing slide and continue vacuuming. This enables work to be carried out efficiently, cleanly and systematically. Only recommended for large chips and debris. Traps larger chips and debris before they reach the main filter, extending the life of both the main filter and dust extractor. Can be refilled up to 500 times before being replaced, versus only once with a regular filter bag. Integrated cap forms a tight seal during bag removal and disposal, keeping the dust contained and off the floor. The longlife filter bag should not be used for RRP tasks. Includes one (1) bag.

  • Safe disposal of dry, non-hazardous dust
  • For coarse dust
  • Designed specifically for use with large chips and debris.
  • From high strength, 3-layer polyester fleece with a long service life
  • Not recommended for fine dust
  • reusable