JET JWL-1015, 10" x 15" Woodworking Lathe, Variable Speed

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The JET 1015 is an ideal choice for the novice wood turner looking for an affordable, user-friendly first lathe, as well as the advanced enthusiast or professional who wants to add a full-featured mini-lathe to the shop. This sturdy, smooth-running 15” mini-lathe has the power, precision and versatility to turn out any number of projects. When you're ready to make your ideas a reality... Start Here.


  • Improved tensioning system with easier access to belts
  • Integrated 24 position indexing
  • Live center in the tailstock
  • Six spindle speeds: 500, 840, 1240, 1800, 2630 and 3975
  • Wider bed ways provide increased rigidity