Laguna J|16 Industrial Jointer

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SKU: MJO6405-5HP-1PH-0800 16" Jointer HD 1PH
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The J|16 Jointer is the true heavyweight of jointers. Our 16″ version features a total length of over 8 feet. The heavy cast-iron tables are supported by parallelogram adjusters and controlled through precision hand-wheel adjusters. The Laguna ShearTec cutterhead is equipped with German carbide insert knives for maximum durability and quick replacement. The fence is a heavy casting supported by a large diameter shaft with rack and pinion movement for smooth, repeatable accuracy. The overhead control panel allows for quick, easy operation. The swing-away guard is easily adjustable and removable for knife replacements.

  • 98″ Table Length

  • 16″ Jointer Width

  • 31-1/2″ Table Height

Price: $10,499

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