Laguna P12|8 Industrial Panel Saw

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The P12|8 was designed to clear 8′. material using a 12″ blade. This means that when you finish your stroke, the back end of your sheet will just have cleared the blade, causing no friction as the blade is spinning down. The 102″ sliding table is constructed of anodized aluminum. Our dumbbell design is widely recognized as the superior choice for high-end sliders today. Ultra-smooth movement allows you to move the table effortlessly.

  • Motor: 7.5HP 3ph or 5 HP 1ph 
  • Voltage: 220v 60 HZ
  • Blade Capacity: 12″, 14″/300mm, 355mm
  • Max. Blade: 16″/400mm (minimum height when lowered: 1″/25mm)
  • Max Scoring Blade: 4-3/4″/120mm
  • Scoring Adjustment: T-Handle through Cast Top

Price: $11,999

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