Laguna REVO 12|16: 10" Expansion Set Includes Adaptor & Tool Rest Extension

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10" Expansion Set comes with 10" Bed Extension, cast-iron swing banjo extension for tool rest, spindle adapter, and hardware.

The extension can be mounted at 2 locations on the lathe: at the end of the bed to extend the center to center capacity by 10" (total 26" turning length), or to the left of the headstock for outboard turning (increases maximum diameter to 16"). 

With the expansion set (ALAREVO1216 Extension 10) the user can choose to extend the center-to-center capacity by 10 inches or outfit their lathe for outboard turning. The high-torque motor controller will allow wood-turners to freely turn up to a 16” workpiece without stalling or bogging down the spindle.

The included spindle adapter threads onto the outside of the spindle for outboard turning.  It has 1" x 8 TPI threads enabling either right-handed or left-handed threaded chucks to be used.  

Fits Revo 12/16 Lathe only.