Laguna Tools DXIII Driftmaster Fence System

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The world’s only multi-mode precision fence: the DX3 comes equipped with a robust Rack and Pinion system, which is maneuvered by a Precision Handwheel, allowing for unparalleled accuracy and continuous micro-adjustments without disrupting resaw workflow. In addition, the DX3 is mechanized for drift fence adjustment, enabling users to set their fence at multiple angles for diverse cuts. Crafted for professionals, this multi-mode fence redefines the resawing experience. Unleash innovation and embrace precision with the DX3 DriftMaster. Fits 14-18" Bandsaws.

  • Dual-Mode Functionality:

                Bypass Rack & Pinion for Rapid Adjustments

                Precision Handwheel Movements for Repeated Incremental Cuts

  • Manual Movements w/Lock
  • Tool-Free Drift Adjustment For Exacting Cuts
  • Reversible Manual Tape Scale Included (in/mm)
  • Linear Guide Rail Guarantees Uber Smooth Operation
  • Universal Mounting Bracket Makes Installation Quick & Easy
  • For Best Results Use in Combination with Laguna Carbide ResawKing
  • Hi/Low Resaw Fence Retains Accuracy When Changing From High to Low Position
  • Color Coded Handles: Red - Mode Selection, Black - Fence Lock, Grey - Manual Lock