Lamello Clamex P-14/10 Flexus Connector

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Detachable furniture connector with flexible positioning pins


  • Flexible positioning pins allow freely selectable assembly sequence
  • Flexible positioning pins align the workpiece and keep it in position
  • Bevelled and movable positioning pins enable the tilting of the workpiece in both directions

Clamex P-14/10 Flexus is a detachable connector and is anchored in the form-locking P-System groove within seconds.
Through the minimalist 6 mm access hole, Clamex P-14/10 Flexus is firmly connected and disconnected using a lever. The flexible positioning pins allow work pieces to be installed in an already assembled cabinet, simplifying the assembly sequence.
Clamex P-14 is used in mitre joints from 18 mm material thickness and in butt joints from 12 mm.