Maksiwa RBB.4G Edge Trimmer

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The RBB.4G has 4 groups that perform trimming, scraping and polishing of edge bands applied to MDF sheets and similar, providing a perfect finish to your projects. Performs these operations on edge bands with a thickness of up to 1 mm, and sheets with a height of up to 70 mm. It has an advance that will help and guarantee greater ergonomics during operations. Its adjustment and operation is very simple:
First, you choose the plate you want to finish. After that, adjust the machine according to the height of the plate. Now, all you have to do is turn on the machine and carry out the deburring flush with the piece.

Technical Information RBB.4G
Motor 110 V 6 A 2100W 60Hz
Max Panel Height 2- 3/4" | 70mm
Max Tape Thickness 1mm
Minimum/Max Workpiece Length 6" | 160mm - 138" | 3500mm
Minimum Workpiece Width 3" | 75mm
Work Dimensions 51-3/16" X 27-1/2" | 1300x700MM
Feed Automatic
Feed speed 56 ft/min | 17m/min
Scrapper 2 Sided Straight
Router Bit 2 Flute Straight
Weight 199 Lbs