Micro Fence Edge Guide for Festool Routers

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The Micro Fence Edge-Guide easily mounts on your router to add precision usually found only in machine tooling. Each unit comes with our basic micrometer edge-guide unit, 7″ & 12″ stainless steel guide shafts (interchangeable), both shallow- and deep-profile wood sub-fences, half-round inserts for curved and circular work, extension spacers for fence placement at or beyond center collet, our decimal equivalency chart, and the appropriate mounting bar and pins to fit your router. Each Edge-Guide also comes with a twelve-page instructional booklet, which you can view here.

Applications: Dadoing, Rabbetting, Mortising, V-Grooving, Slotting / Veining, Drawer Construction, Flutes, Reeds, Inlay Work, Sliding Dovetails, and many more routing operations.