NEW Festool Dust Extraction Device RSC-AV

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Convenient and effective dust extraction.

The RSC- AV dust extraction adapter enables nearly dust-free work with the reciprocating saw and is particularly suitable for working indoors. Tool-free mounting of the dust extraction adapter on the retractable shoe makes for quick and easy attachment.

  • Efficient: thanks to fast, tool-free installation of the dust extraction adapter
  • Clear view: when attaching the dust extraction adapter to the saw, the cutting area is kept clearly visible
  • Non-obtrusive: the sleek design that mounts to the saw show allows seamless dust extraction freeing your hands for working with the saw
  • Clean: for nearly dust-free sawing indoors with the reciprocating saw
  • enables nearly dust-free sawing with the reciprocating saw

Main applications

  • For attaching a Dust Extractor when sawing indoors or when cutting that generates large amounts of dust
  • For working with building materials
  • Ideal for overhead sawing work