Powermatic PJ1696T, 16-Inch Parallelogram Jointer with ArmorGlide, Helical Cutterhead, 3Ph 230

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Now featuring ArmorGlide Technology that is low-friction and rust-resistant, the Powermatic PJ1696T, 16-Inch Jointer offers big capacity and performance in a machine that is loaded with features. A large, center-mounted fence assembly adjusts easily on a rack and pinion system with ram lock. Preset stops on the fence body allow for fast angle set up at 45° in and out, and a positive stop for perfect 90° angles. The parallelogram design keeps the table in close proximity to the cutterhead for improved finish, and allows for a fast depth of cut adjustment.This design also ensures that the tables remain perfectly parallel, even after years of tough duty. The specially-designed solid steel helical cutterhead consists of six rows of precision-ground staggered inserts. This system makes fast work of knife changing, and never needs adjustments. The heavy-duty 7-1/2-HP motor delivers all the power you need for even the biggest jobs.


  • ArmorGlide Technology gives you a low-friction, industrial-grade coating on the work surface that is rust resistant, requires less maintenance, and gives you more control
  • Cast iron fence bevel controls include positive stops at 45 degrees and 90 degrees
  • Full size rabbeting table supports large workpieces for rabbets up to 3/4-inch deep
  • Helical cutterhead features 58 two-sided knife inserts that reduce noise, eliminate adjustments, and speed knife changes
  • Large 16" x 96" precision ground cast iron table surface for maximum support and fine finish
  • Parallelogram construction maintains close table-to-cutterhead proximity and ensures table parallelism
  • Rack and pinion adjustable cast iron fence assembly allows for smooth fence positioning without play