Ridge Carbide Tool 10" x 40T FT +15 Hk .094 / .125" TS2000 FLAT TOP Box Joint Blade

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10" x 40 Teeth x 1/8" Kerf, All Flat Tooth Design For Box & Finger Joints.  Also excellent blade for ripping 3/4 and 4/4 material.

  • Square cut for box joints and draw bottoms
  • C-4 Micro-Grain carbide tips 1/3 larger than the best known blades
  • Can also be used as a rip saw blade for cuts with the grain
  • Not for cross-cutting plywood veneers as chipping may result
  • Carbide teeth are ground to a 1200 grit micro finish for razor sharpness
  • Large C4 carbide allows multiple sharpenings and long service life.
  • The 30mm bore option DOES include Universal Pinholes for machines such as Felder

The expansion slot may not be identical to that shown on the website image, but saw performance will not be affected.