Vessel Tools New Style Electric-Assist Screwdriver with Impact Ball Torsion Bit Set

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  • Electric output 17.7lbf-in(2.0N・m), No-load speed 280rpm, Manual torque up to 88.5lbf-in(10N・m).
  • With 24pc of bits and 1pc of bit holder.
  • Electric power for quick tightening and Manual for final tightening.
  • With High Brightness LED light.
  • Built in USB Recharge Li-ion Battery (3.6V-800mAh).
  • 6.35mm HEX shank.


  • 220USB-1U(Higher torque model) x 1pc 
  • Impact Ball Torsion Bit (30mm) x 24pc 
  • Impact Ball Bit Holder x 1pc
  • USB Charging Cable (Micro USB Type B) (1m) x 1pc 
  • Package size: 8-25/32" (223mm) x 4-27/32" (123mm) x x2/41/64" (67mm))

*The 220USB is a product that "assists" with electric power quick screw turning, and that enables to "manually" tighten to the end. Since the 220USB is not an impact driver, it is prohibited to perform the final screw tightening with the electric power assitant.
*Compatible screw size is up to M6. The following screws are not used with the 220USB: PH No.3 (M8) or larger, Hex H6 (M8) or larger, or Torx T40 or larger.
*Be sure to fully read the instruction manual.
*Be careful of the short-circuit accident or electricity shock during electric work.
*Overloaded use may cause injuries or damages in screws.
*Keep away this product from children.

Code Model No. Hexmm Grip diametermm Overall Lengthmm


H6.35 43 175